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We now know that 24 hours without sleep, or a week of sleeping four or five hours a night induces an impairment equivalent to a blood alcohol level of .1 percent. We would never say, ‘This person is a great worker! He’s drunk all the time!’ yet we continue to celebrate people who sacrifice sleep for work.

Insights from the doctor who coaches athletes on sleep. Pair with the science of what actually happens while you sleep and how it affects your every waking hour.

More on sleep here.

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Equality means everyone gets exactly the same outcome without regard to individual differences, which, in turn, ignores various starting points on the socioeconomic ladder due to circumstance or institutions like white supremacy and patriarchy. Equity, on the other hand, means everyone gets the same quality of outcome, and therefore it requires proactively rectifying issues of circumstance and institutionalized inequality in the manner, as Marx would say, from each according to their ability, to each according to their need.”

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What an amazing story: Beloved children’s book illustrator Eric Carle spent his life fascinated by a photograph of him at age 3, embracing a little girl whose name he never found out. His most recent book, Friends, was inspired by that enchanting and mysterious photograph. Now, 82 years later, Carl and his little friend were reunited.

On Easter Sunday, almost 82 years after the photograph was taken, Eric Carle learned his friend was not only alive. She was ready for his call. Her name is Florence Ciani Trovato; at 85, she’s a few months older than Eric, and shares his vibrancy. 

Read the full story here, and treat yourself to his wonderful Friends.

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